Why is Travis Kelce Always Open?


Drake Skelly

That’s the question that Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid and tight end Travis Kelce was asked about Kelce’s performance this season. 

It’s a fair question as Kelce has 110 receptions, 1,338 yards, and 12 touchdowns this season. After wide receiver Tyreek Hill left Kansas City for Miami, Kelce has been the first look for the Chief’s passing game. 

When Reid and Kelce were asked, they couldn’t come to a consensus. Reid attributed Kecle’s ability to his experience going up against tough coverage. 

“Throughout his career now he’s seen about everything you can put on him. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.”

However, Kelce gave the credit right back to his coach.

“Why am I always open? I say it all the time Andy Reid baby! Big Red, he can dial some stuff up at the right time, create some things at the right time.”

With his ability to get open and make plays, the Chiefs are going to be looking to Kelce this Sunday.