Dak Prescott Visits Phoenix Boys and Girls Club


Drake Skelly

Dak Prescott visited the Boys and Club of the Valley alongside other nominees for the Walter Payton Man of the Year to enjoy the day with members of the club.

The children were split into four groups led by NFL stars like Jared Goff of the Lions and Adam Thielen of the Vikings. Those four groups then went to different stations, the Play60 area, tree painting, cleat painting, and mentoring.

At Play60, the kids could do fun drills like the pros. They jumped onto mats to catch footballs and learned how to run routes. At the end, they got together to play flag tag, where they and the nfl players put on flags and tried to rip them off of each other.

The kids worked together to plant trees in the field behind the club building. They worked to dig the hole, place the tree into the ground, and cover it back up. By the end of the day, around 30 trees were planted.

Cleat painting was a more relaxed environment and where Prescott was for most of the event. The kids got to talk with the Cowboys quarterback and make their own custom cleats.

Some questions were simple like ‘what superpower would you have?’ Others were more serious like ‘how to handle distractions.’

At the end of the event, 12 members of the club who exemplified the club’s values of community service were surprised with Arizona Cardinals jerseys and tickets to the Super Bowl.