Georgia Bulldogs miss out on White House invitation

02/22/2023 By Nick Antonakas

Photo courtesy of MGN.

The Georgia Bulldogs were crowned National Champions for a second straight year this past season, an honor that includes a trip to the White House for the winning team. However, similar to their back-to-back championship wins, the Bulldogs will have back-to-back seasons without a White House visit.

Last year, the Bulldogs did not visit the White House due to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite Georgia U.S. Representative Earl LeRoy “Buddy” Carter and Senators Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock signing a request to have the team hosted at the White House. The inability to attend remains this year.

The White House did attempt to recognize the Bulldogs at the beginning of the official letter, detailing the team’s success in the 2022-23 season. Despite the effort, players were still upset, including Bulldogs’ defensive lineman Warren Brinson who expressed his sadness in a tweet, saying that “no invite to the White House is crazy.”  

Although the Bulldogs won’t be at the White House, their celebrations of a successful season will continue throughout the offseason.