Biden’s approval rating takes a dip according to AP-NORC poll

Image courtesy of MGN

3/23/23 by Ashlyn Wang

A recent poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, a collaboration between the AP and the NORC research institution at the University of Chicago, showed President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have fluctuated in recent months. The March poll, conducted from March 16-20 with 1,081 participants from across the nation, revealed a 38% approval rating, slightly lower than the 45% reported in February.

In the face of a multitude of challenges, including bank failures, inflation and a debt limit showdown, Biden’s newest approval was near the lowest point of his presidency, with the public having varied sentiments about him and how he has handled his job.

“Views on President Biden’s job performance and the direction of the country are more pessimistic compared to last month,” said the AP-NORC Center in Thursday’s news release.

Breaking down the poll, in terms of how he deals with the economy, 31% approve of his work while 68% disapprove. Public confidence in Biden’s economic policies was weakened by two bank failures and ongoing 6% inflation, said The Associated Press.

In addition, the percentages for foreign policy and climate change are similar to Biden’s overall approval, which are 39% and 41%, respectively.

Partisan results are also shown in the poll. Of the surveyed population, 76% of Democrats support his stance, while 96% of Republicans disapprove of Biden.

Democrats above the age of 45 seem to have a more positive attitude about Biden’s administration compared to younger Democrats, with 85% of Democrats above age of 45 supporting him overall, as opposed to 66% of Democrats under the age of 45.

Public perceptions of the country’s future direction are more negative, the center concluded from the March poll. That is, when considering whether the country is headed in the right direction, only 21% of the surveyed population agrees, which is a decrease of 7% compared to the result of February’s poll. The poll results have been fluctuating above 20% in recent months. 

This results of this poll could be worrisome for Biden, as he is set to announce his reelection campaign in the coming weeks.