Vice President Kamala Harris looks to a future lead by African Innovation

03/28/2023 By Jeff Grundy

Image courtesy of MGN

Vice President Kamala Harris Tuesday spoke in Ghana about African innovation in technology and entrepreneurship during her tour of Africa this week. 

Harris delivered a speech at Black Stone Gate, a monument commemorating Ghana’s independence from colonialism, while thousands of people waited for hours to see her speak. 

“Because of this history, this continent of course has a special significance for me personally, as the first Black vice president of the United States,” she said to the cheering crowds. “And this is a history, like many of us, that I learned as a young child.”

In an effort to highlight Africa as a destination for U.S. private sector investment, Harris devoted much of her speech discussing “invention and entrepreneurship.” In her speech, Harris promised a new era of cooperation with Africa and looked forward to a future driven by the continent’s innovation.

The tour has further stops in Tanzania and Zambia throughout the week.

On Monday, at a banquet hosted for the vice president’s arrival, Harris was joined by American celebrities, businesspeople and civil rights leaders, including actors Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson, as well as director Spike Lee.