High ticket prices have Boston sports fans feeling “priced out”

4/3/23 by Nick Antonakas

BOSTON – Boston’s teams have been on a tear as of late. The Red Sox’s season has just begun. The Celtics find themselves placed second in the East with playoffs quickly approaching. The Bruins just clinched the President’s Trophy and are setting single season winning records like there’s no tomorrow. With this success, ticket prices have soared through the roof, leading fans to reach deep into their wallets to afford a seat at the game.

“In [a winning] environment, these teams can raise prices,” Boston College economics professor Bob Murphy claimed in an article by CBS News. “Ticket prices today are higher than they were 20, 30 years ago, and have outpaced inflation by a good margin,” Murphy explained.

These rising prices make it difficult for fans to attend their beloved teams games, even for the most dedicated members of the fanbase. Red Sox fan Jim Tremble described the Fenway faithful as “our family, this is our tribe.” Despite the bond with attending games in person, Tremble admits that “life in general is a little expensive nowadays” with Boston sports teams tickets adding a big expense to fans’ lives.

With playoffs for the Celtics and Bruins approaching and both teams in a great position to succeed, fans can expect prices to continue to rise.