Election 2024: Cornel West Candidate Profile

Dr. Cornel West
Dr. Cornel West formally launched his 2024 Presidential Campaign.

By Eva Levin

Activist and Professor Cornel West announced his campaign for President, representing the progressive People’s Party. Dr. West launched his campaign via video announcement posted to Twitter. He says he decided to run to combat the “neo-fascist” Donald Trump and the “miliquetoast neoliberalism” of Joe Biden. 

“Neither party wants to tell the truth about Wall Street, about Ukraine, about the Pentagon, about Big Tech,” he said in his announcement. 

The People’s Party was formed by a former staff member of Bernie Sanders as a more progressive alternative to the Democrat party. Third party candidates rarely win elections, and have never succeeded in winning the presidency in modern history. 

Dr. West’s announcement video hit on progressive issues like combating climate change, affordable housing, increasing access to abortion, and ramping up universal healthcare. 

A recent Emerson poll shows Dr. West garnering about 4% of prospective votes.