New Jersey-based Fashion Design Talks about the Art of the Pivot

09/09/23 by Kendall Claar

Praise Asalu believes in the importance of pursuing what inspires you creatively at the moment. Within the last three years, Asalu has shifted from modeling to content creation to fashion design.

Asalu was pursuing a degree in communications when he first started modeling in 2020. However, he quickly realized that his creative interest surpassed just being a model. Now, Asalu is juggling a fashion career, traditional education, and content creation through YouTube and Instagram. 

“I started taking pictures with my friends, literally any outfit I could make. Because I didn’t have any money at that time, I was like ‘Yo, come help me shoot this fit.’ Over time, I did some more fashion shows, worked with an agency, and started doing e-commerce, lifestyle, print…And it was fun until I stumbled upon content creation. I always wanted to be a YouTuber.”

Asalu recently began working with manufacturers on developing a clothing line of versatile streetwear that is “calm and quality” and that anybody would be able to wear. Most of the clothing will be branded with a phonetic spelling of his last name, Asalu.

“I have pride in my last name, like my Instagram is @kingasalu, all of my brothers are ‘Mr. Asalu.’ It’s a family name that I know is going to ring bells in the future,” he said. 

Asalu believes that fashion is an extension of yourself and that you and your work should reflect that.

“I like what looks good and what feels good, like today, I could have gone with some crazy fit and it would have been nice, but I was like nah I want to be calm,” he said.

Asalu doesn’t want to be a model or content creator forever. He hopes to eventually become a creative strategist or director for another brand and is even thinking about dipping his toe into the acting industry.