Identity Shines Through Fashion at The Fusion Show

Models on The Fusion Sow runway. Photo by Nia Harmon.


09/09/2023 by Nia Harmon and Kendall Claar

Emon Gee Entertainment hosted a night celebrating fashion, music, and film on Sept. 9 during New York Fashion Week. At this intimate showcase of small independent creatives, guests viewed a minimum of 30 ensembles created by five different designers, ranging from streetwear to eveningwear. 

“The inspiration behind The Fusion Show was to provide a one-of-a-kind experience that would celebrate the fusion of the different artistic disciplines, including fashion, film, and music, as those are the disciplines that I actually produce in my day-to-day work life,” said Emon G., producer and founder of Emon Gee Entertainment. 

The Fusion Show was a stage for artists of all kinds, including musicians, singers, and painters to showcase their talents before and during the show.

“I’ve always had the desire to support and promote emerging designers and artists,” said Emon. 

For guests Brittney Nichole and Antonio Dillard, their looks were heavily influenced by their upbringing, making the pieces trendy and reflective of their personalities.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you this entire outfit was thrifted,” said Nichole. “Thrifting has always been a part of my life. Even when college came around, I [was like] ‘I need to figure out how I can still look fashionable but on a budget,’ so I got into thrifting and it just became a part of my life. I refuse to pay full price for anything again.”

Dillard’s inspiration for this look came from his Indigenous American heritage and admiration for Japanese culture and fashion, creating a fusion between the two.

“Based on my styling, I am a character,” said Dillard. “I have the background of being Native American, so I have a warrior aspect to my outfits. I used to go to the reservations a lot when I was a kid, so that really trickled into my connection with life. That’s what I try to showcase in my outfits and my style.”

For models Tikitta Suhartono and Sophia Wu, the Fusion Show offered the opportunity to showcase diversity in the fashion industry. 

Recounting her time on the runway, Suhartono enjoyed “seeing all the creativity come to life, and just working with a diverse set of models, and definitely for the experience.” 

“One word: ‘diversity.’ I love it,” followed Wu.

The show concluded with vibrant music as guests mixed and mingled with models and designers. Guests also posed and took photos on the blue carpet, capturing some last mementos of the night.

“I’m actually still in a state of awe. I’m extremely grateful for the turnout. I’m happy that my designers are happy. I am thrilled that my models are happy,” said Emon. “The whole execution of the entire Fusion Show wouldn’t be what it was without every person that contributed.”