53-Year old Patriots fan dies after fight breaks out at Gillette

3/23/23 by Sam Lawrence

A 53 year old football fan died at Gillette Stadium on Sunday after suffering “an apparent medical event,” according to EMTs who responded to the incident.

Only a few minutes into the fourth quarter of the game, authorities received a call claiming that a fight had broken out in the 308/309 section of the stadium. The deceased man has been identified as New Hampshire native Dale Mooney.

Mooney had two sons with his wife Lisa. The full autopsy report has yet to be revealed, but underlying health conditions could have played a role in his death. Mooney’s family has a history of heart issues.

Authorities investigating the case do not believe that Mooney’s death was caused by physical injuries from the fight. “Numb. I just feel numb,” says Lisa Mooney. Dale was a 30 year season ticket holder and devoted Patriots fan.

Spectators report that they saw a verbal confrontation break out in the stands before the full physical altercation occurred.

Officials for Gillette Stadium say that they are “heartbroken” at this recent turn of events.

As the full autopsy report is released in coming days, more information will be released in regards to the circumstances of Dale’s tragic death.