Boston College suspends women’s and men’s swim teams due to hazing allegations

9/23/23 by Isa Ortega

Boston College suspended their men’s and women’s swimming teams for hazing. Thirty team members’ families have asked the college to lift the suspension until the investigation is completed.

The university’s conduct office just started its investigation process and hasn’t released findings yet.

Boston College students are stressed because the suspension has damaged their reputation. Attorney Tara Davis notes that it is not responsible for the College to have a disorganized message for the public.

Davis hopes the College will take responsibility for ruining students’ reputations. Both Andrew Miltenberg and Tara Davis delivered a letter to Boston College’s attorney on Thursday asking to retract the Wednesday Sept. 20 statement until the investigation is complete. 

The University made a statement saying “The Boston College Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving program has been placed on indefinite suspension” because the hazing took place within the program. The University has rules stating that there will not be any toleration of hazing. The school revised the statement on their website by taking out the word indefinite.

The Office of Dean of Students will evaluate the investigation.

All student-athletes still have access to academic and medical resources provided to all Boston College student-athletes during the time of suspension.

Once the investigation process is complete, Athletics will discuss the status of the teams. A student named Alex Deerkoski noted that “I don’t really think it’s necessarily a problem as this college is particular, but stuff like this does happen. I think it’s good that it’s more of an anomaly and not more of a regular thing.”