Massachusetts authorities take extra safety precautions for possible protests over Israel-Hamas war

10/13/23 By Meghan Boucher

Authorities around Massachusetts announced increased safety precautions and support in preparation for potential Israel-Hamas war protests Friday.

Hamas has called for global protests on Friday as a “Day of Rage.” With the prospect of violent demonstrations, police forces around the state are staying hyper-vigilant. 

Police forces in Boston, Brookline, Newton and surrounding towns have reported no immediate or credible threats. Extra police patrols have been stationed outside schools, synagogues, and other Jewish-affiliated institutions around Massachusetts. The State Police said they are constantly monitoring the situation and are in contact with federal and international authorities. 

The Newton Police Force announced on Facebook, “We ask our community to practice good situational awareness and as a reminder if you see something, say something.”

Local police departments are not the only ones urging the public to be aware. Israel’s National Security Council and the Foreign Ministry have released a statement warning Israelis to exercise caution and avoid potentially violent demonstrations.