Cambridge passes controversial affordable housing laws

Photo courtesy of MGN

10/20/23 By Meghan Boucher

The Cambridge City Council passed controversial amendments to the city’s affordable housing law on Monday night, allowing for taller and denser affordable housing development.

The decision, passed with a 6-3 vote, now allows for projects made entirely up of affordable housing to be built up to 15 stories in major squares and up to 12 stripes on major corridors.

Despite the move being one of the most ambitious attempts to address the Massachusetts housing crisis, it has sparked controversy across the city. Residents and some city counselors have raised concerns that this amendment was decided upon without substantial community input and could lead to an influx in development of tall buildings across Cambridge.

The controversy highlights growing tension in Cambridge, at a time where the cost of rent has been significantly rising. The upcoming elections in November are expected to reflect this tension, as city councilors incorporate their stance on affordable housing policy into their campaign.