Head of the Charles Regatta continues on a rainy day

By Samantha Zannotti, Caitlin Williams and Olivia Flanz, WEBN Reporters

The weekend of Oct. 20 to 22 saw the 58th annual Head of the Charles Regatta. Held right down the road in Boston, the Head of the Charles is the largest three-day rowing competition in the world. On average, 11,000 rowers come to compete in the weekend’s events. Competitors of ages ranging from high school and collegiate athletes all the way up to 80+ took to the Charles over the weekend. The course ranged anywhere from three to six miles, starting at Boston University’s Dewolfe boathouse and coming to a finish at the Eliot Bridge in Cambridge.

The events on Saturday started at 7:45 a.m. The day’s events mainly consisted of boats filled with alumni who still have dreams of racing. In fact, they received bids for the competition, just like any collegiate team would. Saturday morning’s teams consisted of boats for four to eight people, while the afternoon saw some single racers as well. Many of the alumni rowing today were from local institutions such as Boston University, Harvard and Boston College.

Friends, families and fellow racers lined the sides of the Charles, creating a positive and happy atmosphere despite the rain. Saturday’s weather did pose a slight challenge. However, the races and support were persistent as the determination amongst the rowers was on full display.

Something that was evident was that despite this being a rowing competition, there are a number of elements that subscribe to the lively event. From the catering companies to the local Boy Scout troops, everyone was equally invested in the experience the Head of the Charles Regatta offers. The day’s events wrap up around 4 p.m.

Sunday is the last and final day of this competition. Most collegiate athletes look to compete for their respective titles and enjoy the atmosphere Boston has to offer as the event wraps up and gears up for the next fall.