President Biden will not be on the New Hampshire primary ballot

10/26/23 By Elizabeth Pereira

President Joe Biden will not be on the New Hampshire primary ballot. On Tuesday, Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign announced his absence from the primary ballot to the state’s Democratic party. 

The Democratic National Committee primary calendar aims to make South Carolina the first state to hold a presidential primary in front of New Hampshire and Iowa. The calendar will put “Black voters at the front of the process in South Carolina,” according to DNC chair Jamie Harrison. However, New Hampshire law requires the state to hold the first primary in the country. 

In a letter to the New Hampshire Democratic party, Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodriguez, wrote that “In accordance with this guidance, Biden for President will refrain from submitting a Declaration of Candidacy for the Primary ahead of Friday’s candidate filing deadline for the Primary.”

Raymond Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, responded to the letter on X, saying, “NH voters know and trust Joe Biden that’s why he is leading Trump in NH by double digits.” 

New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan opposes Biden sitting out on the New Hampshire primary, saying, “I think it’s a mistake that he’s not putting his name on the ballot.” Scanlan, as the top elections official in the state, will choose the date of the New Hampshire primary. 

Although his name will not be on the primary ballot, Rodriguez expects the president’s name to appear on the New Hampshire general election ballot in November 2024.