Former Vice President Mike Pence suspends 2024 presidential campaign

Photo courtesy of WEBN

10/30/23 By Molly Dougherty

Former Vice President Mike Pence has ended his 2024 presidential campaign. He is the fourth Republican to drop out of the race.

“The Bible tells us that there’s a time for every purpose under heaven. Traveling across the country over the past six months, I came here to say it’s become clear to me that this is not my time. So after much prayer and deliberation, I have decided to suspend my campaign for president effective today,” Pence said at the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Summit in Las Vegas. 

Pence assured audience members that he will continue to uphold conservative values. He also promised to support whoever wins the Republican candidacy. Polls currently show that former President Donald Trump is the most likely to secure the spot and go up against President Biden in November. 

Emerson College Polling published a 2024 GOP Primary poll this month. Pence polled at 3%. Trump polled at 59%. Former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley came closest to the former president with 8%. 

Along with his failed attempts to gain support, Pence’s campaign struggled to raise enough funds to continue the race. At the termination of his race, Pence had 1.2 million dollars left and 600,000 dollars in debt. 

“I’m leaving this campaign, but let me promise you I will never leave the fight for conservative values, and I will never stop fighting to elect principled, Republican leaders to every office in the land,” Pence said. 

There are nine Republicans still in the race for the party’s nomination. The third GOP debate will be held Nov. 8 in Miami.