Nantucket landmark destroyed in vehicle crash

Photo courtesy of MGN

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Audrey Coleman

Nantucket’s Main Street fountain was destroyed Sunday night when a high-speed pickup truck crashed into it. The truck then fled from the scene. Broken parts of the fountain were thrown more than 30 yards away. 

The truck and driver were located. Michael K. Holdgate, 55, was arrested and released Monday morning in the Nantucket District Court on charges of operating under the influence.. He is scheduled to return to court on November 20. 

The fountain destroyed on Main Street originated in 1885. In 1932, the statue was dedicated to Lieutenant Max Wagner, a descendant of one of the first English founding families, who died in the Spanish-American war in 1900. The fountain initially provided water for horses in the lower basins, and higher water spickets for people. The fountain moved down Main Street many times and was disconnected from its waterline in 1935. 

In March 2020, another vehicle crashed into the fountain, knocking it over. It was repaired and placed back on the street in April 2021. The fountain has been destroyed in vehicle crashes 13 times in its 138 years in Nantucket. The Nantucket Garden Club released a statement Monday that they will rebuild.