MBTA Announces Periodic Closures To Eliminate Slow Zones By the End of 2024

Photo courtesy of MGN

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Meghan Boucher

The MBTA is planning on closing parts of all four subway lines within the next 14 months, in order to eliminate speed restrictions, announced General Manager Phil Eng Thursday.

This initiative will lift 191 speed restrictions, replace 140,680 feet of rail, and reduce travel time
by 86 minutes by the end of 2024.

While the closures will cause commuting interruptions, Eng said the plan is to, “Get in, get it
done, get it done right, and then get out and give it back to the public.”

The MBTA closure will be a nine-day shut down on the Green Line beginning November 27.
Shuttle buses and alternative routes will be offered by the MBTA for displaced riders.

Advocacy groups, like Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA), support the closures but ask
for transparent communication.

“We hope this signals a new level of transparency with the public for the MBTA especially as the work progresses,” says T4MA in a recent statement. “This allows impacted communities to plan their trips and activities ahead, and for municipalities to prepare for these shutdowns, ensuring riders’ lives are not disrupted greatly.”