Another huge win for the Celtics!

By Emily Champagne

In the win, the Celtics managed to have 10 takeaways and were composed. The Celtics starting five were also consistent as Jaylen Brown, Kristap Porsiņģis, and Jayson Tatum all had more than 20 points in the game.

Throughout the match, Jaylen Brown was effective and led the scoring with 29 points. He was able to get to the rim in a variety of ways, made a couple three pointers, and connected with Tatum for some great teamwork.

In addition, Kristap Porsiņģis proves to be a great addition for the Celtics this season. He adds a dynamic element to the offense which was desperately needed after last season’s semi-final loss to the Miami Heat. During the game, the Raptors had no answers for Porsiņģis’s ability to get open for the screener, allowing him to capitalize on their mistakes.

Joe Mazzulla, head coach of the Celtics, was beaming with pride for his team. He complimented the team for their improvements in team chemistry and claimed in an interview after the game that Porziņģis’s presence was “going to exhaust defensive schemes this year.”

The Celtics have dominated so far this season. They have won back to back games, including their 121-107 win during the NBA In-Season Tournament against the Brooklyn Nets. They rank third in defensive rebounding and offer a line of great forwards including newcomer Jrue Holiday.

Improving to 7-2 on the season, the Celtics are now ranked second in the Eastern Conference, only behind the 8-1 Philadelphia 76’ers. The Celtics have an interesting season full of electric matchups, we cannot wait to see what they can do against the New York Knicks on Monday.