Breaking down Marianne Williamson’s stance on her campaign’s five key issues

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Callie Krosin

Marianne Williamson is a 2024 Presidential candidate from the democratic party. Her
background in in writing, political activism, and spiritual thought according to her website, to
the best man for the job is a woman.

Williamson has based her campaign stance on five key issues, and has developed an action plan for
legislation she offers. William’s policies and stances span from her campaign website, where she urges her supporters to donate and spread her messages for the upcoming elections.

The Economy

The democratic candidate believes that our current economic system doesn’t serve our democratic
value. Williamson believes that the country should not be run like a business, but rather like a
family. In this way, she plans to put children first by realigning investments and increasing social
security payments to seniors.

The Williamson Administration plans to support policies such as Universal Healthcare, ending
prescription drug price gouging, and increasing the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.
Additionally, if elected, Williamson also plans to enact a Universal Savings Program. In this plan, each
child will receive a stipend from the federal government, which goes towards a fund created at birth.

Gun Safety

According to Williamson, the right to bear arms does not come without rules. As President,
Williamson would declare a national emergency around the gun violence epidemic.
Additional plans to address the issues of gun safety include eliminating the sale of assault rifles,
semi-automatic weapons, and banning bump stocks, high-capacity magazines, and 3-D printing
of firearms. Williamson would also expand background checks, ban straw purchases, and
strengthen restrictions on those with mental or psychiatric limitations.

Climate Action

The Williamson Administration’s plans for climate action includes a plan to expand investments
to reach 100 percent renewable energy and dramatically reduce carbon emissions by 2035, if not
earlier. Under this plan, all federally owned buildings will be decarbonized by 2030.

Williamson also has plans to address transportation, climate justice and preparation,
including the electrification of all railways by 2040, investing $17 billion in the Global Climate Fund,
and ending the loopholes in the Paris and COP agreements that allow the United States
government to not report military emissions.

Immigration Justice

According to Williamson, immigrants are not the enemy. The candidate supports legislative
reforms that include a full path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who do not have
serious criminal background issues.

To address immigration, the Williamson Administration will expand the number of visas
available to immigrants and end family separation. Additionally, the Administration will abolish
ICE and establish an Office of Citizenship, Refugees, and Immigration Services under the
Department of Labor.

Williamson plans to work to reduce the cost of naturalization. She also plans to increase
resources in the naturalization process.

Social Security

“We need to protect this successful and compassionate program that retiring
Americans have relied on for nearly eighty-five years,” Williamson says in defense for keeping social security within the United States.

Her administration plans to eliminate the cap on taxation of income for Social Security. Doing so
would reduce the extremes of poverty and wealth, immediately secure the long-term solvency of
the Social Security program, and allow the program to expand benefits without changing the
retirement age.

Additionally, as President, Williamson would veto any attempts to privatize Social Security and
start a national decision on how to best go beyond Social Security to find news ways to care for
the elderly population.