Governor Healey announces work clinic for migrants


11/14/23 By Audrey Coleman 

Four days after Massachusetts’ shelter hit capacity, the state has announced a work clinic that aims to free up space. The clinic will be able to house hundreds of people per day. The clinic is a collaboration between the state and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. 

The clinic will be located in Middlesex County. According to Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll, they won’t be announcing a specific address for concerns of safety. 

Since the housing crisis began, employers have had a need to employ new workers, but skilled migrants were still not hired. This clinic should address the “red tape” preventing them from getting jobs. 

Because shelters are full, Gov. Healey has been placing families on waitlists, prioritizing families deemed most in need. In addition to State grant money, the work clinic has been introduced to help Massachusetts families.