Boston Police Department required to report on gun trafficking

11/16/23 By Audrey Coleman

The Boston City Council passed an ordinance Wednesday that requires Boston Police to report the trafficking of illegal weapons into the city and create an annual report. These reports intend to reduce illegal weapons in Boston.

As of Nov. 5, there have been 129 shootings in Boston in 2023. In 2022, there were 180 shooting incidents, and the Boston Police Department recovered more than 900 guns. In 2021, of all the guns acquired, only 10% were purchased in Massachusetts, and the other 90% crossed state lines from 18 other states. Since 2015, the city has experienced more than 1,900 shootings.

On the new reports, police officials will submit information detailing whether the weapon was involved in a crime, its origin, registration information, and if it was made from a 3D printer, which is called a ghost gun.

The Boston Police Department is on track to recover 25% more guns tied to crimes and file reports on them.