Councilor-Elect Enrique Pepén violates campaign finance law

11/18/23 By Madison Lucchesi

Incoming Boston City Councilor Enrique Pepén violated campaign finance law at his campaign kickoff party. The party was a fundraising event that took place in June while Pepén was still a public employee.

Photo courtesy of the City of Boston

Pepén was a public employee until July when he resigned from his position as the executive director of Boston’s Neighborhood Services department. 

Campaign finance law states that a public employee “directly or indirectly soliciting or receiving” funds for a public office campaign is prohibited. The Office for Campaign and Political Finance ruled that Pepén violated this law because he asked for donations ranging from $50 to $1,000 from each party attendee. 

“I sincerely apologize for the lapse in judgment,” Pepén told the Boston Globe

Pepén agreed to pay a $5,400 penalty fee, stating he is learning the laws and processes as a first-time candidate and that he wants to start his term off right.