Massachusetts and Maine May Soon Repeal Their Bans on Sunday Hunting

By Meghan Boucher

Massachusetts and Maine are the last two states with full bans on Sunday hunting. The bans are rooted in historical “blue laws,” which regulates activities that can be held on Sundays.

Hunters in both states are challenging state laws saying that the laws are unnecessary and outdated. Others support lifting the ban to increase economic activity and community welfare.

Jared Bornstein, executive director of Maine Hunters United for Sunday Hunting, said extending hunting laws to Sunday would allow communities who cannot afford grocery expenses to gather their own food.

“I’m not saying that Sunday hunting is going to save the world economically, but I’m saying for a group of people, there’s more of an objective benefit to it,” said Bornstein.

Those who oppose the ban include wildlife management, animal rights activists, and private landowners.

Maine Woodland Owners Executive Director Tom Doak said that landowners deserve one day without hunting disruptions.
“We’re not asking for money. We’re not saying pay us. We’re not asking for anything but to be left alone one day a week,” said Doak.