MBTA Green Line service disruptions interrupt commutes

Photo courtesy of MGN

By Audrey Coleman

Parts of the MBTA Green Line shut down Monday until the tentative reopening on Dec. 5. The first of dozens of shutdowns has closed T services from North Station to Babcock Street, Kenmore, and Heath Street, until between December 3 and 5. The Green Line will be out of service from North Station to Lechmere, and Lechmere to Babcock Street, Kenmore, and Heath Street. 

In the meantime, commuters can use buses for service to Back Bay and the Orange Line for service downtown. Shuttle buses have replaced Green Line service between North Station and Medford/Tufts until Dec. 10. 

Many Bostonians were late for work on Monday, due to crowded shuttle buses and the Orange Line or or had to transfer between trains and shuttles. Some opted to take Ubers or other rideshares to work in order to be on time, while others left home early and walked. 

This is just the first round of MBTA shutdowns, with more shutdowns being scheduled for as soon as January and throughout the entirety of 2024.