Vivek Ramaswamy’s political director joins Trump campaign

11/30/23 By Sofia Mendes

Brian Swensen, who has served as Ramaswamy’s national political director since the spring, is leaving to work for the Trump campaign. Swensen also played a vital role in Ramawamy’s New Hampshire campaign work after being moved to focus on the state a few months ago. 

According to the Messenger, which first reported the move, Swensen will be working closely with senior adviser Susie Wiles. Swensen is a close ally of Wiles as their collaboration dates back to their work on Florida Senator Rick Scott’s 2010 run for governor. He will also assist with Trump’s campaign operation in Nevada in preparation for the state’s February caucuses. 

Swensen previously worked on Ron DeSantis’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign and served as deputy campaign manager for Senator Marco Rubio’s 2016 re-election campaign. 

In a statement to CBS News, Ramaswamy’s communications director, Tricia McLaughlin, stated, “We love Brian… It’s a good move for Brian and we’re happy for him.” 

According to McLaughlin, Swensen’s duties will be primarily taken over by Michael Biundo, a recently hired senior campaign official who ran Rick Santorum’s campaign in 2012. 

McLaughlin also rejected the notion that Swensen’s leaving signals the end of the Ramaswamy campaign. However, Ramaswamy has struggled to maintain the momentum he gained over the summer. He is currently polling at 5% support, according to Emerson College Polling’s most recent November national poll