Climate change causes shrimp factory’s indefinite closure

12/02/23 By Madison Lucchesi

The fishing moratorium of New England’s shrimp business was extended indefinitely on Friday. Climate change caused waters to be warm to unfavorable levels for New England’s shrimp population.

The moratorium began in 2013 as the Gulf of Maine began to warm significantly, and shrimp populations declined. Other species populations, including the Atlantic cod, declined as well.

Although the closure of the shrimp business is not permanent, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission panel did not set an end date for the moratorium. The commission board said the shrimp population will be monitored in hopes of reopening the fisheries when the population is great enough. 

Environmental analyst and panel member Mike Armstrong shared, “I think we’re all done here with this stock. I see the water temperatures. I don’t think we’re coming back.”

Shrimp remains one of the most popular types of seafood, but holiday menus will not include New England shrimp again this year.