Pres. Trump bashes J.P. Morgan CEO for supporting rival candidate Nikki Haley

By Rian Nelson

Former President Trump calls J.P. Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, a “highly overrated globalist” after the billionaire called for his fellow corporate leaders to support a new candidate, Nikki Haley. In a post on Truth Social, Trump blasted the CEO and claimed he’s never “been a big Jamie Dimon fan, but had to live with this guy when he came begging to the White House.”

Dimon supported Nikki Haley while speaking at the New York Times DealBook conference, saying, “Even if you’re a very liberal Democrat, I urge you to help Nikki Haley, too. Get a choice on the Republican side that might be better than [Donald] Trump.” He stopped himself from throwing everything behind Haley or any particular candidate, stating, “he might be the president and I have to deal with him, too”

As the audience was primarily made up of Wall Street bigwigs, the implication was Dimon was talking to the Wall Street elite more than the American public. But the comments could still help the up-and-coming candidate as she crawls into second place in the New Hampshire polls. This is also not the only billionaire to show support for Haley. This week, the Koch-backed PAC Americans for Propersity announced they were putting their millions behind the former U.S. ambassador to the UN.

Trump and Dimon have had a rocky relationship for many years. In 2016, the then-President Elect tried to hire Dimon as treasury secretary, but Dimon turned him down. Trump eventually gave Steven Mnuchin the role. In September 2018, Dimon said at a J.P. Morgan event in New York that if he were to run for president, he “could beat Trump.” Adding that he was just as tough and even smarter than the president, he concluded, “[Trump] could punch me all he wants, it wouldn’t work with me. I’d fight right back.”

During a 2018 CNBC interview later in September, The CEO of the largest bank in the U.S. even went so far as to say, “ this wealthy New Yorker actually earned his money.” Jabbing at Trump’s father’s loan of a million dollars, “It wasn’t a gift from Daddy.”

Trump, as he often did, responded on then Twitter, saying Dimon lacked “aptitude or “smarts” & is a poor public speaker & nervous mess”