Gov. DeSantis addresses Iowan voters amidst blizzard

Reporter Payton Cavanaugh speaks to precinct chair and Ankeny, IA resident, Randy Weisheit.

By Payton Cavanaugh, WEBN

“Pretty good energy for a frosty, snowy, wintery day here in Iowa… I appreciate you being here,” said Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds this snowy Friday morning in Ankeny, IA. 

Governor Reynolds turned out amidst the blizzard to introduce Governor Ron DeSantis at his campaign stop at the Whiskey River Restaurant. DeSantis continues to move along the campaign trail in anticipation of the Caucuses on Monday. 

“I’ll ask you for your support on Monday, I know it’s going to be cold, I know it’s not going to be not the most pleasant, but I don’t think you’ll ever be able to cast a vote that has more impact,” said DeSantis as he addressed Iowans. 

While it’s a matter of days before the caucuses commence, the weather conditions leave the anticipated voter turnout unknown. Yet for some voters this isn’t their first caucus in tough conditions, and they don’t intend on it being their last. 

“We’ve done caucuses before with inclimate weather and as the site director and a precinct chairman I bring my broom, I bring my snow shovel, we get it ready for everybody to show up, and we don’t let anybody stand outside. We get them right inside the facility so it’s nice and warm,” ​​​​​​​said Randy Weisheit, local precinct chairman and longtime resident of Ankeny. 

Weisheit has been to a number of events with other Republican candidates, though he is drawn to Governor DeSantis. Weisheit was born and raised in Florida, and states his appreciation for the changes DeSantis has brought to his home state. As precinct chairman, and a longtime resident of Iowa, he is confident that the turnout on Monday will be better than expected.​​​​​​​

“Iowans, we’re used to the weather. We take our role, our responsibility as citizens much more seriously than people in other states. I’m hoping that that will still happen on Monday night, we’ll have a good turnout,” said Weisheit. 

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