Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson speaks with youth voters in Des Moines, Iowa days before caucuses

Photo Courtesy: Sofia Mendes - WEBN

By Sofia Mendes, WEBN

Asa Hutchinson spoke to a crowded room of primarily high school and college students in Des Moines, Iowa, just two days before the state’s caucuses on Monday. 

Although most of the attendees were out-of-state students, they were eager to hear from Hutchinson as many have traveled from across the country to observe the Iowa Caucus in action. 

Michael Watkins and Ja’Quon Stembridge, two conservative high school seniors, shared they were in attendance to “get educated more about the political process and to learn about all the Republican candidates.”

As Stembridge is the Chairman of Georgia 10th Congressional District Teen Republicans, he is unable to support a particular candidate. However, Stembridge did say he likes that Hutchinson is “so authentic” and “speaks to the moderates.” 

Watkins stated, “He [Hutchinson] is great, but he’s not doing well,” referring to Hutchinson’s near-nothing numbers in recent polls. Watkins mentioned that before his trip to Iowa, he was “more with Nikki Haley,” explaining that, “A lot of young people like Nikki Haley…but I’ll support whoever dominates.” 

The two students plan to volunteer at the caucuses on Monday. Stembridge emphasized the importance of the upcoming election stating, “The goal is to get young people involved. That’s what my organization does. That’s what we hope to do this weekend in Iowa.” 

Prior to the event, Hutchinson spoke with WEBN about how he’s appealing to youth voters stating, “Every college student, every young person wants to have an opportunity for a job and to move up the economic ladder. That’s what I want to promote.” 

“Character matters and I hope that you look at the character of the candidates for president,” Hutchinson told WEBN just before he took the stage.