Binkley connects with youth at rally less than 24 hours before Iowa caucuses

Photo Courtesy of Sofia Mendes - WEBN

By Sofia Mendes, WEBN Reporter

Texas businessman, pastor and GOP candidate Ryan Binkley held one final rally in Des Moines, Iowa, less than 24 hours before the state’s caucuses. 

Although most recent polls have Binkley at one percent, he remains hopeful telling WEBN that his goal for tomorrow’s caucuses is “momentum and some votes, a bigger percentage.” 

Binkley, who has five children of his own, emphasized that he’s taken great care to connect with youth voters throughout his campaign. “We’ve gone to every young Republican event that I’ve been invited to,” stated Binkley. 

“I’m telling a lot of college students this: ‘You hate politics already…but abandon politics and join us in a movement to love your neighbor, to mentor young people,” remarked Binkley noting that his message differs from most Republican candidates. 

Karl Gahl, a fifteen-year-old from Wisconsin, is one of the many young people moved by Binkley’s message. Having traveled to Iowa with his parents, Gahl is preparing to speak at a caucus on Binkley’s behalf tomorrow night. 

“We need someone to focus on real issues. Not like at the debates where they’re just arguing and trying to insult each other,” said Gahl. “We need to unify. We need to turn back to God and focus on the real issues. Ryan Binkley is the person to do that.”

Gahl shared he feels “the call of God to go into politics” and has inspired his father to speak in support of Binkley at a caucus as well. 

“Too often people don’t vote for who they believe in, they just vote for who can win, but I think Ryan Binkley can win,” stated Gahl with confidence. 

Binkley shares that same confidence, telling rally attendees, “We’re going to make a move tomorrow night.” The crowd’s response? Erupting into a “Binkley” chant. 

“We can change the culture of our country by changing one life at a time,” concluded Binkley. “I’m asking young people to do this together.”