Former President Donald Trump takes landslide win in Iowa

Former President Donald Trump gives victory speech to supporters and campaign staff in Iowa.

By Payton Cavanaugh, WEBN Reporter

As the final poll before the 2024 Iowa Caucuses reflected, former president Donald Trump was unquestionably in the lead by a wide margin. Taking the lead for second was Nikki Haley, with Governor Ron DeSantis trailing behind for third. As the votes were counted on caucus night, the Trump team was already calling their victory. 

With large screens broadcasting the message “Trump Wins Iowa,” shortly interrupted to bring the latest results from Fox News, the anticipation for results soon became less about who would take the lead, and more about who would come in second. 

As the night moved forward with 95% of ballots counted, Trump outperformed, winning by over 50%. According to NBC News, the former president won 98 of Iowa’s 99 counties. 

“I will say the goal was to get above 50% and just looking historically at the Iowa Caucus, usually it’s in the 20s or the 30s, so I didn’t know if we could do it,” said Missouri Representative Chris Lonsdale, “To see him get above 50% is a resounding victory. That’s huge, and basically ends the primary right here and then.” 

Representative Lonsdale is among many individuals who made this victory possible for the former president. Lonsdale had been phone-banking, putting up signs, and doing the grunt work alongside other supporters and campaign staff. 

Also making this win possible were Trump’s many campaign surrogates, who went out to campaign and vye for Iowans votes on his behalf. Among them, candidate for U.S Senate in Arizona, Kari Lake. 

“This is a big victory for America, I am so happy that the people of Iowa showed up,” said Lake, “I couldn’t be happier, I’m proud of my fellow Iowans.” 

As the events of the evening began to pick up, all eyes were on the stage awaiting Trump’s victory speech. 

The former president took to the stage shortly, thanking his wife, Melania, and recognizing his late mother-in-law, Amalia. He went on to congratulate his rivals and thank his supporters, even pulling one supporter up from the crowd. 

“I think it’s really emblematic of the type of connection President Trump has with his supporters,” said Blake Marnell, “That he would reach out and just call somebody up on stage like that, you don’t see that happen anywhere else.” 

As the night concluded all eyes were on second place as DeSantis took the lead ahead of Haley. Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy soon suspended his campaign, and endorsed Trump. 

As we look forward to the upcoming New Hampshire primary, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the inevitable turnout. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has been canvassing for Nikki Haley, and while she came in third in Iowa, she currently leads DeSantis for second in the polls for the Granite State. 

All eyes are on New Hampshire as the primary kicks off on Tuesday the 23rd.