Haley wins in West Des Moines Precinct despite Iowa Caucus loss to Trump

Woman speaking to crowd
Nikki Haley Caucus Captain speaks to West Des Moines caucusgoers

By Molly Dougherty, WEBN Reporter

Former South Carolina Gov. and presidential candidate Nikki Haley came in third at the Iowa Caucuses with 19.1% of the vote. Former President Donald Trump came in first with 51% of the vote. One West Des Moines precinct had these results flipped.

At Precinct 316 in Polk County, Haley led with 109 votes. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came in second with 64 votes. Trump came in third with 51 votes. Vivek Ramaswamy came in fourth with 16 votes.

Haley supporters could be seen at the door at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School talking to voters as they entered. Caucus captains spoke to their neighbors before the vote to campaign for their candidate. Meg Courter, a West Des Moines resident of almost 30 years, spoke for Haley.

“I think a president like Nikki Haley and her convictions, her integrity, her transparency, her intelligence, her experience, her leadership. I think it’s exactly what we need to get back to that pride in our country. We don’t want chaos, we don’t want drama. We want to get back to the job of running our nation,” Courter said.

Haley is now shifting her focus toward New Hampshire in anticipation for the nation’s first primary election. According to Emerson College Polling, Haley has gained ten points and Trump has lost five since November. She is currently polling at 28%, with Trump polling at 44%.