Joe Biden wins New Hampshire Democratic primary

By Aparna Prabhakar

Joe Biden won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary race Tuesday night — even though he was not listed on the ballot.

Due to a change in regulations from the Democratic National Convention (DNC), President Joe Biden was the first president in history to be omitted from the New Hampshire primary ballot.

New Hampshire is known for its first-in-the-nation primaries – a long-established tradition that requires the state to hold primary elections at least a week before the rest of the nation. This year, the Democratic National Convention attempted to reorder the primaries, pushing South Carolina to first.

However, New Hampshire state statutes required that it host the nation’s first primaries, and state officials were unwilling to move them. Any candidate that appeared on the New Hampshire primary ballot would be in violation of the DNC regulations – regulations that Biden originally proposed.

Even though Biden was not listed on the ballot, voters were still able to write him in, pushing him to a speedy win; the Associated Press called the race in Biden’s favor less than an hour after the polls closed.

As the election nears, political analysts are increasingly forecasting a rematch between Biden and Donald Trump.