Nikki Haley remains in GOP race despite New Hampshire primary second-place finish

Image courtesy of MGN

By Sofia Mendes

“This race is far from over,” promised former UN Ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley at her Primary Night Watch Party in Concord, New Hampshire on Tuesday night.

Image courtesy of MGN

Although New Hampshire was Haley’s strongest state according to recent polls, she finished second in the state’s Republican Primary trailing Former President Donald Trump by about 12 points. 

However, Trump’s margin of victory is considerably smaller in New Hampshire than in Iowa. Brittany Martinez, a passionate Haley supporter, pointed out this difference citing Trump’s diminutive lead as a reason to believe people are “thirsty for change.” 

“I think she’s the future of the Republican party,” said Martinez. “If people want change, she [Haley] is the right choice.” 

Despite her loss, Haley remained positive, thanking her New Hampshire voters for their energy and acknowledging the many local Granite State politicians who support her campaign, including Governor Chris Sununu. “I’m a fighter and I’m scrappy,” said Haley. “We still have a ways to go, but we keep moving up.”

Haley also laid on heavy criticism of both Biden and Trump stating, “The first party to retire its 80-year-old candidate is going to be the party that wins this election.” She continued to challenge Trump to a debate questioning his “mental competency.” 

The nomination process moves to South Carolina next. Although many political analysts insist that without a Granite State victory, South Carolina is an uphill battle for Haley, she remained confident in her home state. Haley stressed her previous record highlighting an agenda of tax cuts, immigration bills, and voter identification requirements. “South Carolina voters don’t want a coronation,” said Haley. “They want an election and we’re going to give them one because we are just getting started.” 

Haley emphasized that there are still plenty of states left to vote and she plans to honor their choice by remaining in the race. “New Hampshire is first in the nation,” remarked Haley. “It is not the last in the nation.”