Massachusetts school installs new preventative locks

By Meghan Boucher

Paul Revere Elementary School has installed special safety locks, which can serve as extra protection during active threats.

The locks are made by the company FlipLok and are bright red, made out of airline aluminum, and can also hold 2,500 pounds.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Co-founder of FlipLok, Anna Reger, said that the locks are easy to use, comply with fire codes, and help create a sense of safety for both students and teachers in the classroom.

“This is a technology that we hope to never have to use but there is a calling throughout the entire country to have safer schools and we all have a plan in place to make sure our kids are protected,” said Revere Mayor Patrick Keefe, Jr.

The project will cost the city about $200,000, but by the end of next week, all schools in Revere will have the lifesaving locks.