UPenn submits documents to Congress in antisemitism investigation

Originally Published: 07 FEB 24 21:00 ET
Updated: 07 FEB 24 21:02 ET

(CNN) — The University of Pennsylvania submitted documents Wednesday evening to the Congressional committee investigating antisemitism on campus, beginning what could be a weekslong process of turning over documents.

Nick Barley, a spokesperson for the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, confirmed to CNN the committee received documents from UPenn and is currently reviewing them.

The committee had set a Wednesday deadline for UPenn to respond to its demand for a mountain of documents, including reports on antisemitic activity on campus since early 2021, foreign donations and documents linked to a controversial Palestinian literature festival held on campus last year.

It’s not clear yet how many documents the Ivy League school turned over nor how satisfied lawmakers will be given the wide-ranging nature of their request.

A spokesperson for UPenn did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The university told CNN on Tuesday that it planned a “rolling production” of documents that would take place over the next few weeks.

In December, the House Committee on Education and the Workforce launched an antisemitism investigation into UPenn, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology following the disastrous testimony by the presidents of the three universities.

Liz Magill stepped down as UPenn’s president after struggling to answer questions during that hearing about whether calls for genocide against Jews would violate the university’s code of conduct.

Last month, the committee wrote a letter to UPenn demanding a slew of documents to aid that investigation.

“We have grave concerns regarding the inadequacy of Penn’s response to antisemitism on its campus,” Rep. Virginia Foxx, the Republican chairwoman of the Education Committee, wrote to UPenn leaders last month.

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