WEBN exclusive interview: Lamar Jackson crowned NFL MVP for second time in career

By Nick Antonakas, WEBN Correspondent

Lamar Jackson has done it again. For the second time in his career, the Ravens superstar quarterback is the NFL’s most valuable player. Jackson threw for 24 touchdowns and only seven picks in 2023, while also rushing for five touchdowns and 821 yards. With this being his second MVP, Jackson – at 27 years old – is the youngest two-time MVP since the merger.

“I want to thank my organization, the Baltimore Ravens, for finally getting the deal done,” said Jackson, who signed a five-year contract extension with the franchise worth $260 million in May.

That contract didn’t come without some questioning from fans and analysts as to if Jackson really deserved it. Lamar would not only use this hate as motivation, but he would prove that he was worth every cent.

“I feel like the doubt and naysayers fuel the fire,” Jackson said in an exclusive one-on-one interview. “I feel like I still have a lot to prove and [they] need to keep fueling that fire for me.”

Despite the history behind Jackson’s second career MVP, he remains focused on a bigger prize: the Super Bowl.

“I’m starting with myself trying to get better before the season starts,” Jackson explained. “Let’s try to get to this big dance on Sunday’s in February.”