Player’s Coalition and 100 Black Men of America partner up

By Jaeel Beato, WEBN Correspondent

In a powerful demonstration of unity and social justice activism, The Player’s Coalition and 100 Black Men of America, Inc., partnered up to amplify their impact. 

Former NFL safety and two-time Super Bowl champion, Malcolm Jenkins co-founded Players Coalition, an independent charity and advocacy organization. 

“One of the biggest challenges in social justice work is trying to come together and making sure the goals are aligned,” said Jenkins. Jenkins stressed the importance of collaboration and unity in driving social change while taking accountability for mistakes to avoid future ones. 

Founded in 2017, Players Coalition works with over 1500 professional athletes, coaches, and owners across leagues, including the NFL, NBA, and MLB. 

Chairman of 100 Black Men of America, Milton H. Jones, Jr. led the conversation with Jenkins, stating that “mentoring doesn’t just stop when you turn 21.” Founded in 1988, 100 Black Men of America has international locations, one in Turks and Caicos, and the other in London. They preach the motto “What They See Is What They’ll Be,” alluding to the impact the type of people children look up to have on their lives. 

Momentum was a significant topic of discussion. “Social justice feels a lot like a football game; momentum is a huge thing,” said Jenkins. Jones Jr. said his organization has encountered situations where they’ve had to deal with mentor fatigue. But the trick is that “they need to see that fire so that they could ignite that fire,” he said. In other words, to keep the momentum going, a leader must see action to ignite the spark. 

Jenkins released his book “What Winners won’t Tell You,” last year, a book that took him nearly three years to write. “Writing a book is something you don’t often hear athletes doing,” said Jenkins. Through this book, Jenkins’ goal was to share his experiences throughout his NFL career and inspire others who have dealt with identity crises. 

Looking into the future, Jenkins wants to “pass the torch” to others and encourage them to advocate for a more just future. Jones Jr. said that when it comes to social justice work “people overthink it.” 

The 38th Annual Conference hosted by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. is scheduled for this June. Another potential partnership with Jenkins is in the works.