Robert Kraft reflects on Patriots season on red carpet

By Nick Antonakas, WEBN Correspondent

Many players and personnel representing the New England Patriots were on the red carpet at the NFL Honors. The one who drew the most attention despite being the last to show up was Pats owner Robert Kraft. With the Honors being held in Las Vegas for the first time in NFL history, Mr. Kraft expressed his emotion to WEBN in an exclusive interview.

“This is a party atmosphere, and something like the Super Bowl, it brings people together,” Kraft said. “To see people looking to have a good time, we need that in America now.”

Kraft’s joy for the event was immense, but it wasn’t the same as years past.

“I hope that the Pats will start to [come back],” Kraft said. “We were here a few times in the last 25 years.”

During Kraft’s reference to his own team, the subject of the future for New England arose. With all the questions surrounding the franchise after the departure of longtime head coach Bill Belichick – one of the final pieces of the Pats dynasty – Kraft’s confidence lies in Jerod Mayo.

“I had a chance to see Jerod when he got drafted number ten, and in his second year he got elected captain,” Kraft said, reminiscing on Mayo’s time in New England. “He’s a high-quality, talented human being, so we’re expecting good things.”

Mayo’s first season will hold high expectations from Patriots Nation, with the 2024 campaign officially kicking off with free agency on March 13.