Taylor Swift tells college student to stop tracking her private jet

By Meghan Boucher 

Photo courtesy of MGN

Jack Sweeney, a junior at the University of Central Florida, received a cease-and-desist letter by Taylor Swift’s team. Sweeney uses public data to track celebrities’ private jets.

In the letter, Swift’s attorneys said Sweeney’s tracking could put Swift in danger and potentially allow stalkers to follow her more closely. 

In an email to the Associated Press, Sweeney explained that he did not intend to cause any harm with his actions, and emphasized that his information can all be found through the Federal Aviation Administration.

Swift’s jet is one of many that Sweeney tracks using public data. However, Swift in particular has received significant criticism due to the carbon emissions her jet produces. 

“It would be pretty cool to see one of their planes seized,” Sweeney told CBS.