How to Become Your own “DunKing”

By Nina Campanello

Boston native Ben Affleck starred in a commercial for Dunkin’ with fellow Boston legends Matt Damon and Tom Brady during the Super Bowl on Sunday, calling themselves the “Dunkings.”

The end of the commercial teased a special drink, named after the “Dunkings,” which beginning at noon on Monday, will be available to purchase.

“Chill, they’re naming a drink after us,” Affleck tells Damon after being kicked out of Jennifer Lopez’s, Affleck’s partner, recording studio. Lopez had “kicked out” Affleck and Damon after performing “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart,” though allowed former Patriots legend Tom Brady to stay.

Dunkin’ patrons can also order the “DunKings MUNCHKIN skewer,” which is just the brand’s doughnut holes placed on a skewer.

Fans who wanted their own “DunKings” merch, specifically one of the iconic Dunkin’ branding tracksuits with “Boston” spelled in big letters across the back, are in luck. In a press release, Dunkin’ said the tracksuits along with fuzzy pink bucket hats and tumblers will also become available for purchase starting on Monday at noon.

The tracksuit is sold in two pieces, with the top and bottom both costing $60. The bucket hat and tumbler are both $40.

According to a Dunkin’s spokesperson, the complete tracksuit and bucket hats sold out in 19 minutes, and was the “fastest collection to sell out in Dunkin’ history.”