Marianne Williamson speaks to voters at the New England College Convention. in January 2024, in New Hampshire. Photo courtesy Molly Dougherty.

Marianne Williamson suspends presidential campaign

By Callie Krosin

Marianne Williamson has suspended her presidential campaign. The self-help author announced her long-shot campaign on March 4, 2023.

Williamson received 3% of the votes in the recent Nevada Democratic Primary. Six percent of voters selected “none of these candidates” in the primary. One day later, she announced the end of the campaign. 

“No, not everyone’s individual effort succeeded for everyone who ever tried to make some progress. But anytime we put out that ripple of hope, any time we put out any good idea, anytime we shed light in a darkened sky, then that light will remain, and that darkness shall be less,” Williamson said in a video message on X.  

Earlier this month, Willaimson received 4.0% of New Hampshire Democratic primary votes and 2.1% of South Carolina primary votes. 

For Williamson, “This one campaign is over now, but that larger arc of American history goes on. And it is my deepest hope that we in some way contributed to that story.” 

Michigan Democrats are next in the nominating process with the primary on February 27.