Fredrick Douglass bust unveiled to the public

By Hollie Raposo 

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

Renowned abolitionist Fredrick Douglass received a permanent bust in the Massachusetts Senate Chamber. The bust was unveiled on Wednesday, as February 14th is known to be Douglass’ birthday.

The bust was revealed by Senate President Karen Spilka and made history being the first to represent an African American in the Massachusetts Senate Chamber. The bust is the first added to the Chamber in 125 years.

Douglass was born enslaved in Maryland in 1818. While his birthday is estimated to be February 14, there is no record of his birth. After escaping from slavery in 1838, Douglass settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He worked with the American Anti-Slavery Society and traveled across New England to help African Americans escape slavery. 

The quote, “Truth, justice, liberty, and humanity will ultimately prevail,” from Douglass’ autobiography “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” is already painted on the Senate Chamber. The bust appears next to this quote.