Red Sox allow no runs against the Pirates

Red Sox Spring Training

By Danielle Dubois, WEBN Correspondent

FORT MEYERS, FL – The Boston Red Sox had their own “Spring Break” as they took a weekend trip to the Dominican Republic. While the Red Sox were on their trip, they faced off against the Tampa Bay Rays twice, both times coming out on top. With key Red Sox players Rafael Devers and Bryan Bello being from the Dominican, it was a hometown trip. Devers took his teammates to the parts of the Dominican that he grew up in to show them where he learned to play baseball. In an interview during Sunday’s game, Devers stated, “I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to share where we come from, where I came from… it’s something that really matters to me.”

After the successful two-day trip, the Red Sox looked to continue that energy on Monday vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. Despite most of the Red Sox starting lineup sitting today’s game out, the Red Sox still pulled off a 1-0 win. Despite the low scoring, the Red Sox played a great game. A low-scoring game was expected, with their main offensive starters being out today.

The Boston pitching lineup was the most impressive part of the game. Starting pitcher, Cooper Criswell threw three and a half innings, struck out four batters, and only allowed two hits. Another pitcher worth mentioning was Jorge Benitez. Benitez only pitched for one inning but had three strikeouts and one walk. The Red Sox played six different pitchers who each did a great job containing the Pittsburgh offense.

As for the rest of the week, the Red Sox will play the Cardinals tomorrow, and then they face off against their biggest rival, the New York Yankees, on Wednesday.