“The Accountant 2” in development with Amazon MGM Studios and Artists Equity

Image courtesy of MGN

By Stevie Massengale

Ben Affleck is set to begin production on the sequel to his 2016 action thriller, “The Accountant.” “The Accountant 2” will star Affleck alongside JK Simmons and John Bernal. Cynthia Addai-Robinson is set to reprise her role; however, Anna Kendrick will not return. The film will be released by Amazon MGM Studios in partnership with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s company Artists Equity, according to Deadline.

The original film in 2016 was a moderate success, receiving a 52% freshness rating from film critics on Rotten Tomatoes. It received a 75% score among the audience. It follows Affleck, who plays forensic accountant Christian Wolff, who works for criminal syndicates worldwide. One day after taking on a seemingly normal case he becomes a target. With a hitman after him, Wolff must defend himself with his martial arts and ballistic skills in order to survive. 

The sequel will feature similar action and a load of unexpected turns. Treasury agent Marybeth Medina (Addi-Robinson) seeks the help of Wolff after her boss is suspiciously murdered by assassins. She enlists his help to solve the murder, and Wolff, along with his estranged brother, uses seemingly illegal tactics to figure out the cause of the murder. Along the way, they become increasingly endangered by malicious criminals.

Amazon MGM Studios and Artists Equity have not given a confirmed release date.