Biden signs government funding bill

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Originally Published: 23 MAR 24 13:06 ET
Updated: 23 MAR 24 13:51 ET

(CNN) — President Joe Biden on Saturday signed into law the $1.2 trillion legislation that completes the funding of federal agencies through the fiscal year, which ends September 30.

The House passed the package on Friday, and the Senate passed it early Saturday morning.

The bill addresses a slate of critical government operations, including the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, State and the legislative branch.

Biden — who had the bill delivered to him in Wilmington, Delaware, Saturday — said in a statement that while the package is a “compromise,” it is “good news for the American people.”

“This agreement represents a compromise, which means neither side got everything it wanted,” Biden said in the statement, adding that “it rejects extreme cuts from House Republicans” while investing in child care, cancer research and mental health.

The president also touted how the final package included “resources to secure the border that my Administration successfully fought to include.”

Biden used the statement to urge Congress to pass additional legislation, saying its their “work isn’t finished.” He called on the House to “pass the bipartisan national security supplemental to advance our national security interests” and urged both chambers to pass the bipartisan border security bill his administration has negotiated, calling it “the toughest and fairest reforms in decades.”

“It’s time to get this done,” Biden added.

The signing of the legislation marks a major moment on Capitol Hill as it brings to a close an annual appropriations process that has dragged on far longer than is typical – an effort that has been punctuated by partisan policy disagreements and a historic change of leadership in the House after conservatives ousted former Speaker Kevin McCarthy in an unprecedented vote last year.

This legislation is the second part of a two-tiered government funding process. A separate six-bill funding package, which was signed into law earlier this month, included funding for the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Veterans Affairs, Energy, Interior, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, as well as the Food and Drug Administration, military construction and other federal programs.

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CNN’s Samantha Waldenberg contributed to this report.

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