Opponents of electronic voting machines in New Hampshire largely fail to change the voting process

By DJ Mara

Image courtesy of MGN

A group of New Hampshire residents who are against the use of electronic voting machines has largely lost efforts to change the ballot counting process in elections.

The group, supported by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, worked to gather petition signatures for the matter to be brought up at annual meetings in more than 50 towns across the state. Although the matter was successfully heard in 23 towns, only the town of Danville, with a population of 4,500, voted in favor of counting ballots by hand in presidential elections. 

The attorney for the town of Danville and the New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan both said the vote is unlikely to move forward. 

“There was a lot of misinformation that was being spread,” said Scanlan, according to Boston.com. “I think the general public saw through it, and the votes at those town meetings reflect that.”