Governor Maura Healey reveals trip to Puerto Rico after public inquiry

By Haley Clough 

Governor Maura Healey’s office backtracked on a statement made last week in which her administration refused to disclose the details of her out-of-state travel. Of particular interest to the public was a personal trip Healey took in February.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Despite previous statements denying the public the information on Healey’s travels, Spokesperson Karissa Hand said that Healey’s four day trip was to celebrate her birthday in Puerto Rico with her partner, Joanna Lydgate.

Regarding inquiries of her whereabouts, Healey told WBUR “I think the important thing for people to know is that I will always and will continue to disclose my work-related travel and all I do as governor, whether it’s in the state or out of the state. And with respect to personal time and personal family time … I’m going to continue to keep that personal.”

In the fall of 2023, Healey’s administration decided not to release information on the governor’s travel plans prior to her departure, citing safety concerns as the reason behind this decision. Under a 1997 Supreme Court ruling, Healey’s office is not obligated to respond to requests for information or records within 10 business days, and has utilized this to maintain privacy over her personal travels, often denying requests. 

In response to the public discontent with Healey’s private out-of-state travel, the administration has committed to releasing records of her travel itineraries at the end of every month upon request, according to NBC Boston.