Deuce Tatum: Son of a Star

Celtics forward Jayson Tatum

By Chris Lowe

Jason Tatum has been an impactful player since arriving from Boston, continuously proving himself throughout the 2023-24 season. The 6’8, 26-year-old is averaging a remarkable 27 points per game, helping the Celtics secure the best record in the league at 58-16, leading many to believe this could be their year. However, Jason is not the only Tatum making waves in Boston sports media. His son, Deuce, has captured the hearts of Celtics fans, often considered the team’s unofficial mascot in recent years. Wherever Jason goes, Deuce is usually not far behind—whether at a press conference, during pre-game warmups at TD Garden, or passing out waters to his father’s teammates. One thing is certain: the apple did not fall far from the tree, and this kid loves basketball.

Recently, Jason showcased Deuce on his Instagram, striking a pose reminiscent of Kobe Bryant’s famous championship photo, sitting thoughtfully in the locker room with the trophy at his feet. Deuce also excelled in the 2024 “No Books No Ball Pee Wee Division,” an AAU
basketball program promoting excellence both on the court and in the classroom. Due to his success, Jason posted a photo of Deuce in the same pose Kobe Bryant struck after a world championship win. Tatum consistently refers to Deuce as his “favorite hooper,” and the post garnered attention from basketball stars like Isaiah Thomas and Robert Williams III.

Though he is only a toddler, many have speculated about Deuce potentially becoming a star like his father. The NBA “father-son” duo has long been a topic of fascination. While Deuce is far from playing high school basketball, it’s exciting to think about his potential as the son of one of the NBA’s greatest scorers. The father-son duo narrative has been prominent this year, especially with LeBron James Jr. making his collegiate debut with the USC Trojans. LeBron James has famously expressed a desire to stay in the league until his son joins. Other famous duos include Greg and Cole Anthony, with Greg playing in the NBA for 11 years while Cole was drafted 15th overall by the Orlando Magic in 2020.

While Deuce has a long journey ahead before following in his father’s footsteps, for now, it’s about taking baby steps toward potentially becoming the NBA’s next great father-son star.